More than a virtual walk -

Modernise Your Real Estate Offerts

Enhance the buyer experience by featuring a 360-degree, 3D virtual walk on your real estate listings. When potential clients can’t be in-person, offer them the next best thing – a guided virtual tour. With SpotBrowser, creating this modern viewing experience is a snap.

SpotBrowser includes:

Virtual tour editor Create virtual tours with easeviews

Options to share Publish your virtual tour to any advertising portal, website or Facebook, or send it via email

Online chat With built-in chat, you can answer questions in real-time

Presentation Give a live virtual walk to discuss features and answer questions, just like a real showing!

4 Easy Steps to Create a Virtual Tour

Take 360-degree (spherical) photos of the property.

Upload the photos to your account on SpotBrowser.

Choose the order the photos will display.

Connect the photos using “transition points”.

Technical assistance is always available, but we feel confident you will be able to create beautiful and enticing virtual tours on your own – it’s that easy!

What’s Included

Virtual tour creator

Mobile/desktop chat

Online guided tours

Professional technical support

We offer a variety of packages, starting as low as $59.00/month. Not seeing something that fits your needs? We can customise a package just for you.

The Benefits of a Virtual Walk

Listings receive 100% more views

30% more clients will look for virtual tours

More qualified in-person showing requests

Answer questions quickly with live chat

Reach more non-local buyers who can tour the property virtually

Streamline Communication With Chat

Buying real estate is a big decision, so answering questions comes with the territory of being a real estate professional. However, asking questions between real estate agents and clients can become a cumbersome process. Streamline communication and save time with a chat feature on your real estate websites.

Our mobile app puts questions in the palm of your hand – and when you can answer questions more quickly, you’re that much closer to putting up that “sold” sign.

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    Answers to frequently asked questions

    To create a virtual walkthrough, you must have 360-degree (spherical) photos. You can take them yourself using a spherical camera. Then you upload the photos to your account on The next step is to select the photo from which the walk is to start (to do this, move the selected photo to the first place on the photo list). The last step is to connect the photos with each other using “transition points”.

    Sharing is done by pasting the web address leading to the virtual walk in the offer or CRM (in the appropriate field). The address is generated automatically after creating a new project in the virtual walk editor. Each virtual walk has a unique address.

    It is very simple. Download the mobile app, then log into the app and set the status to available. From now on, whenever a viewer texts you in the virtual walk chat, you will get a notification and you can send him/her a reply.

    Go to your profile settings and fill in your company details. After that, a contact form will be available in your virtual tours. You will be notified that someone has left a request in the contact form via your mobile app and email.

    More information can be found on the website here – Questions and Answers

    Do you know how important good customer service is in the sales process? Identifying your clients’ needs is one of the things that can guarantee success in business. If you are already aware of what your potential clients can expect, provide them with the tools that will make them familiar with the product you offer and ultimately prompt them to use your services. SpotBrowser is a tool which, on the one hand, presents your offer to the client  in an original way and, on the other, does all the work for you.