Generation Y, the so-called Millennials

Another distinctive generation worthy of attention is Generation Y, also referred to as the Millennials. What are their characteristics? Why are they called the “digital generation”? What does it focus on and what does it expect from web applications? Find out for yourself.

Generation Y – the main characteristics of the generation

Generation Y is also known as Millennials. The term applies to people born between 1980 and 1995. It is also often referred to as the “digital generation,” the “next generation,” or the “Millennial generation.” People born in this demographic cohort are multi-taskers and open to new challenges. They appreciate the possibility of relocation. Millennials are very often referred to as the generation of modern technology and the Internet.

Global village

Needless to say, Generation Y is very active and uses technology and digital media in many areas of life. Thanks to the Internet, Millennials live in a “global village” and have acquaintances all over the world. This demographic cohort have grown up in a socially networked world that was increasingly filled with electronics. Thus, it is no wonder that Millennials are tech-savvy and open to all kinds of changes. It is the generation that gets the most marketing attention. As the largest cohort since the Baby Boomers, they are the main component and driving force of modern economy.

Generation Y and the spread of the Internet

The childhood of this generation coincided with the proliferation of the Internet, social media and video games. As a result, Millennials are familiar with all technological novelties. Generation Y, i.e. people between the ages of 25 and 42, is the generation raised in the digital world. They make up a significant portion of consumers. Millennials are mobile, aware customers whose main tool both at work and in everyday life is a smartphone.

With constant access to the Internet, this generation lives in a global village. They can easily make purchases from anywhere on earth, as well as pay bills, work or monitor their physical activity. Using the Internet and various applications, Millennials can make friends all over the world.

Millennials and online applications

Millennials are a generation that uses all kinds of online applications very often and eagerly. Social media are a permanent part of their lives. They provide them not only with entertainment, but also with social contacts.

Generation Y is open to all sorts of  technologies. They constantly use the Internet, all kinds of online applications, instant messaging etc., which have become an integral part of their lives. This may come in handy in the sectors where social media and related communicators are considered the main way of communication. Millennials tend to make their purchases online, which has largely contributed to the development of e-commerce. Interestingly enough, they are not as attached to particular brands as Generation X.