Generation X , the so-called “Xers”

In our previous article, we presented the general characteristics of three generations: X, Y and Z. Now we will introduce you to each of the generations in detail. Let us start from Generation X. What are its characteristics? What age range does it fall into? How does it approach technology? What does it pay most attention to? Read on and learn more.

Generation X – the time frame of the generation

According to various sources, Generation X are the people who were born between 1965 and 1980, during the reconstruction of Europe after the war. Their attitudes today are greatly influenced by the times they grew up in. They went through the period of social change, technological evolution and the rise and development of the media. Generation X is ‘sandwiched’ between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials.

The “Xers” are the last generation whose development was not shaped by technology and who did not grow up with a phone in their hands. As a result, they treat the Internet only as an add-on to their work and life.

Generation X as customers

Generation X is an extremely demanding generation, focusing largely on the quality of the product and loyalty to the brand. The “Xers” are accustomed to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, but more and more often switch to online shopping. They are driven in their choices by brand image. It is worth pointing out that this generation values the opinion of experts in a particular field more than that of, for example, influencers.

Generation X  and their approach to technology

Generation X is likely to verify information through online forums or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It should be noted that this generation treats the Internet mainly as an information network, where they can easily and quickly find a lot of information on a given topic. The “Xers” tend to search the Internet for information on current issues and events, check their mailboxes, do the most necessary shopping, etc.

We can also observe that Generation X is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about using social media.

At present, Facebook is the most popular among the “Xers”. It is followed by Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Generation X and online applications

Members of the generation are eager to use various applications and digital wallets. “Xers” are increasingly hooked on their smartphones. They use them, for example, to check information about a product they are interested in buying at the moment. This is very good news for the developers of all sorts of mobile applications. It allows the purchasing process to move to the online world. However, any application created for this age group should be very intuitive, providing the user with maximum security. Only with this kind of approach will Generation X benefit from the convenience of online applications. This demographic cohort appreciates various channels of traditional online marketing. All sorts of  e-mail campaigns or social media marketing (mainly on Facebook) are excellent tools to reach the “Xers”.

Generation X – main characteristics

Generation X make up a large group of Facebook users and actively use search engines. The “Xers” are loyal to proven brands and highly value product quality. When it comes to online shopping, they most often purchase products such as food, clothing and entertainment. Generation X tends to buy products of well-known and respected brands.

The members of this generation are great recipients of online marketing. “Xers” are attached to their smartphones. They spend an average of about 110 minutes a day using these devices. However, it should be noted that a large part of this demographic cohort tends to choose traditional media such as radio, newspapers, or television.