Chat as a direct conversation with a Real Estate Agent

Chat is a conversation between two or more people via the Internet. It is one of the many features built into the virtual tour which allows us to talk directly with a client, in real time. Sounds intriguing? Read the article and learn more.

Chat functionality

Chat is an extremely functional tool that facilitates communication between the real estate agent and the client. One of its most important features is that it allows a real-time conversation. In practice, it means that a person interested in a particular issue receives a very quick answer to his/her question. Giving an immediate reply to the client’s questions is a very professional approach on the part of the realtor, and it is particularly important in today’s fast-paced world.

In addition, a realtor who uses the SpotBrowser application can reach the clients who enter virtual walks or view listings on various portals. In practice, this means that with one application we can support several online services.

Virtual walk and a built-in chat

Thanks to the chat, which is built into the virtual walk, you can gain a completely different dimension of communication with the client. And it is indisputable that communication plays a very important role in the 21st century business. Therefore, at SpotBrowser, it is very important for us to enable an effective communication with the client. With the aid of a live chat you are able to present the offer very quickly, reliably and professionally as well as answer all the client’s questions.

Advantages of the chat

What seems to be the biggest advantage of the chat is a real-time contact with the other person, and the fact that the conversations are separated thematically from other messages. In practice, this means that they do not mix with other messages which are flooding into our phones and computers all the time. Thanks to this tool, we can achieve a significant increase in sales effectiveness. This solution turns out to be extremely important in real estate business, which is a service tailored precisely to the needs of the client. Maintaining a direct contact with your clients helps to recognize their needs. What is more, the response time is reduced, as they receive the answer very quickly. The average waiting time on social media is 10 hours, whereas an email reply may take more than 12 hours. This is a very long time. With SpotBrowser solutions, we shorten this time to a minimum. As a result, live chat makes the buying and selling process much more convenient. It is a tool that undoubtedly contributes to achieving a competitive advantage. What is also very important, the chat is accessible from anywhere on earth. The only requirement is access to the Internet. In order to communicate in this way there is no need to set up customer service offices in different locations. Everything is done online.

Shortening the distance

It goes without saying that chat shortens the distance between the real estate agent and the client. It makes the realtor look extremely professional and gives him a possibility for a more flexible approach to clients. It also enables the client to quickly decide whether he/she is interested in buying a particular property or not. Chat is thus a tool that allows you to verify the client’s needs.

Chat in the 21st century

The chat, which enables you to have a conversation during an online property presentation, is an extremely functional technology. It helps you to specify the needs of the client quickly and easily. It provides an opportunity for direct communication between the realtor and the client – all this in real time, with clarity and transparency of communication. Thus, it can be concluded that this is a solution for the 21st century.